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Dynamic name changer.

Was looking through some old code of mine and had the fun idea of a dynamic name changer program working with an old api i had seen before. wont go into the details of it, but long time ago i had seen a person using a hack in the game that was a name changer and wanted to find a legit way to do so. I was thinking of something that would change it every 2-3 minutes randmly to a preset. But changing names has always been a contested thing in game. So i was wondering if i could work on this project with something akin to changing the suffix rather than randomizing it mid game. As this is something i want to be dynamic and dont want to have to manually do it, it can happen whenever, so i was wondering if it was fine if i had something like "Nyx likes tacos" -> "Nyx is hiding" -> ect.   Keeping the begining name the  same. so it not an attempt to decieve or escape kos's.  kinda wana do this, but i feel like some admin would ban me if i didnt get approval first. 
Just a fun lil miniproject i started a while ago, anyway cheers.
Thats pretty cool ngl, just make sure you have one part of your name constant like nyx

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