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the terminal map on ttt
Hello i have been ttt for awhile now and when ever it hits the map terminal there is always people who get outside the map and end up exploiting it i would hope to get this fixed i understand it is pretty hard to change the map and fix something like this but if anyone could it would really help the community. some examples of this are in the links down below i hope this gets fixed and thank you for your time reading this happy thanksgiving.

by the way the steam id for this guy is:

i didn't want to report because this is a common mistake.
This is just like breaking any other rules, staff will just have to punish for it. We will look into editing some maps to prevent this. Thank you for the suggestion!
[Image: RPnc5bN.jpg]
This map is definitely the biggest problem for exploiting. I usually allow people to get on the glass on the side but anything above where you can actually see through the roof I tell them to get off.
ignore the whole right side of the map. where from the tail of the plane you can, without bhop, parachute or exo, simply jump to the right and start walking on the map edge. perfectly made map imo

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