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[CSurf FFA] Block kevlar from store.
Hear me out here, I get it, awps are the funnest and some people consider it the highest skill gun.

But, awps aren't the only gun that players (including myself) want to use. I enjoy novaing, m4ing, ... etc. However, on FFA they are almost pointless. When you are surfing at an enemy that has an awp, it is important you strafe left and right until they shoot. You can also try to time shots in the middle of your strafe, however this isn't very effective most of the time. Lets say you are using the M4, you'd need to hit 4-6 shots on them. This gives the awp plenty of time to kill you.

Okay so you think, well normal servers most maps have a buy zone, you can get the kevlar there. Well, that is risk and reward, stopping at a buy zone is risky business, and kevlar is a worthy prize.

Awps are one shot through really anything, no matter where you hit the enemy. It is a laser death cannon that is the most dominant gun in CSurf. 

By allowing kevlar, you effectively significantly nerf every single gun in CSurf  except the awp. Awp is the only gun that having kevlar doesn't matter. (Yes I get you can head shot with a few guns (ak, deag..).. but we need to be realistic. 

I don't only want to use one gun, however, due to the power balance between the awp and all of the other guns, it forces me to use the awp to maintain any sort of good score against good players.

Thank you for listening.
I agree with this 100%

Being able to use a variety of weapons with the removal of kevlar + helmet will make the server more fun overall. I would like to be able to use the nova again without doing 6 to 7 damage a shot due to my opponent having armor.
Here are some opinions. https://imgur.com/NyrhAFK
My problem with this is FFA was meant to be a noob friendly server and so far the people complaining are people who are all really good, but at the same time I do get your point.

I was also thinking about changing FFA to a highly played map list aswell. skyworld/ski/griver/grver classic/ maybe add the evil version back in aswell.
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