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Can you fix the Invisible menu bug
I tab in and out of csgo a lot, but i keep getting this lovely bug, where when i join it still has the "pick a team menu" open after ive selected it.  its invisible and is no big deal. the issue arrises if someone Cf's me or theres a map vote. This causes me to press 2 or 1. since the select team menu is still techincally open, albeit invisble, it swaps my team and essentially slays me.  half the time i instictivly press 1 when theres a menu option to get it off the screen and it reactivly i just die. Was hoping that this could be patched if possible. not sure if yall know it exists or not. Ty 

edit: If you dont understand what im saying give me 30m and i can provide a clip of it
yeah provide a clip hahaha, i'm a bit late to this
[Image: giphy.gif]

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