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The C word
Homophobic slurs target gay people and the c word targets women. Homophobic slurs have been used to make people feel less than and abuse people. the same applies to the c word. Homophobic slurs are banned on karma servers, so why isn't the c word? People of karma, I understand that there aren't many women on our servers. This does not mean that we should exclude women by allowing words that could be used specifically to hurt them. Our community should support each other not break each other down. In banning the c word we would make our community more inclusive to everyone which would strengthen our community and ultimately grow karma further. If you are a person who disagrees because it restricts you're freedom that is BS because you have no problem avoiding the other banned words. If you don't want it banned but you don't know why, figure it out. If you have another reason please reply to this post. 
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