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I used to love playing on karma. I felt a sense of community playing and pride in becoming a mod and a dedicated member of staff. Since then I have been overwhelmed by toxicity and hate. I really don't enjoy ttt when there are more than 20 ppl on in general because it is very hard to hear anyone and doing my job as staff became difficult. Furthermore certain people on ttt made the server unplayable. Suvanker, Birb, all the annoying kids who act like they own the place. Lastly and most importantly the higher staff on karma became clearly hypocritical. They ban and enforce words that have the same harmful effects on certain groups of people as the c word has to women. Their rules are based off of what is social acceptable not off of their moral values. In addition, they only allow certain staff to make mistakes but don't give others any chance. Dinger would have become one of the best staff on ttt, but they banned him for writting nig on a wall in game. They don't care if someone is calling a female on the server a cunt and other derogitory insults but if you wright half of a bad word than than you get banned. To be honest I just have not been enjoying playing. I might play occasionally in the future but for now I am done with karma and all of the bad people ruing an otherwise awesome community.
[Image: csgNkf_6FJiSKbDXU8vDHkiGE4eTFSbdwVofoRXs...zwGudCQ_m9]
miss you <3

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