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VIP status/donations
We have added VIP! This will put you in a usergroup with certain permissions that other groups do not have. It is $10 a month and listed below are extras that you will get for donating to keep the server up and running.
  • !coin - You can change your coin on the scoreboard
  • !mm - change your matchmaking rank displayed on the scoreboard
  • !profile - change your profile rank displayed next to the matchmaking rank on the scoreboard
  • !sprays - change your spray to any spray in the game
  • !gloves - change your gloves to any gloves
    votekick/votemute/votemap - keep in mind abuse of these will cause removal of your VIP with no refund
  • exclusive in-game VIP tag
  • VIP donator status on the forums
  • Custom donor models and weapon models!
Here is where you donate:
[Image: RPnc5bN.jpg]

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