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Item Shop
I feel like there should be some type of visual for each item in game. I have talked about this with people in the server before and they agree and like the idea. We don't want to have to blindly buy an item and hope it looks good. Obviously a there are items are easy to tell what they look like but for items like "fuce" people wont know what that is and how it looks. And even for items like "top hat" we should be able to see what they look like in game just in case we don't like how it looks. I feel like this will let a lot of people decide on better combinations for their outfit and not have to worry about losing credits on an item they don't like. It is also a good thing just to have an would make the server that much better. For each item you can take a screenshot and apply it to the item it corresponds with wherever you put the store. Please take this into consideration because it would be really nice to see in game. I know this isn't a big thing but i feel like it would be good for the server Smile

Wow i didn't realize how much i wrote for one simple thing lol.
Wouldnt be possible really without the user using a website to view the models and since CSGO broke the ingame web browser we can't do this there are work arounds but would require way to much work to even attempt making this, neat suggestion though.
[Image: giphy.gif]

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