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Terrorist Rules
  1. All Ts must follow warden’s orders or they are KOS.
  2. Giving 3 or more false orders makes you KOS.
  3. Being in armory is always KOS. Entering or breaking vents always makes you KOS.
  4. LR rules must always be fair for both sides (ex, you cannot force a CT to stand still while you freeroam around the map).
  5. Shift/crouch walking means no jumping, however you are allowed to jump over obstacles.
  6. If a beacon is used with an order, it is implied with the order should be done in the general area of the beacon.
  7. Shooting any weapon or damaging a CT with a grenade will deem you KOS. Unholstered primaries are KOS.
  8. Cheating in any game is KOS.
  9. Detouring and delaying are KOS.
  10. Ts may request a repeat on the first three orders given by warden. Warden may choose to repeat for the Ts or give the next order, which all Ts should then follow.
  11. When the amount of non-rebelling Ts is less than or equal to the number of Ts required for LR, rebelling Ts may not camp vents or secrets to delay the round. Doing so will result in beaconing -> slapping -> slaying.
  12. When warden dies, all T’s must freeze until new orders are given.
  13. If a T asks for a pardon they are KOS unless warden pardons them.
  14. Guard chat (!g) is only to be used for legitimate reasons. Examples: pardons, trivia answers, repeat requests, and (reasonable) questions.
  15. Freeze is implied on all orders that don't specify otherwise.
  16. Dropping contraband implies away from self and teammates.

Counter-Terrorist Rules
  1. CTs must have a clear, working mic to be on CT! You MUST speak English!
  2. Excessive racism, mic spam or disrespect will get you CTbanned. Do not be a nuisance while on CT.
  3. CTs may only kill Ts who are rebelling or who have been called KOS. Please refer to the explanation of Active vs Passive rebelling below.
  4. CTs cannot give orders to Ts unless they are telling a T to drop their contraband.
  5. CTs cannot call KOS based on items, they must always refer to T’s by their names.
  6. CTs are not allowed to bait. 
  7. CTs may not camp armory, vents, or secrets/secret teleports.
  8. CTs may not break or damage vents. This rule is negated during LR or Last CT.
  9. CTs cannot be in armory past 9:30 unless they are getting ammo or pursuing rebels.
  10. CTs may pursue vents/secrets/teleports if they know a terrorist is in vents/secret or they have seen a T use a teleporter–Warden may still deny them permission. ( Ex. Obama scout secret, Papa Kingdom’s AWP, Dojo Scout Room).
  11. CTs may kill anyone outside of cells before cells are opened.
  12. CTs must give terrorists 3 seconds to drop their weapons or contraband or they are made KOS.
  13. CT may not leave warden without his permission unless pursuing ammo/medic/rebels.
  14. CTs must follow Warden’s orders unless the order will result in their death. Warden may tell CTs to play 1 v 100, Pokemon, etc.
  15. CTs are not allowed to play games except during LR or a freeday. They may also play during a warday as long as they have dropped their contraband.
  16. There may be 1 CT in vent for every available LR. This rule is negated when there is guaranteed LR.
  17. Contraband spawned outside of armory (guns or ANY type of grenade) that does not directly interfere with the round may not be moved by CTs. This does not include dropped contraband from the Ts. This does not apply to last CT, or during LR.
  18. Favoritism is not allowed. Please note that favoritism does not apply to last CT.
  19. All games are Warden kills only, unless otherwise stated or the prize/winners are for LR or the prize clearly indicates otherwise.
  20. CTs must participate in LR. You may not delay an LR.
  21. CTs/Warden may not kill for minor mistakes (twitching during afk freeze).
  22. Sharking is not allowed.

Warden Rules
  1. Warden must give clear orders and maintain the flow of round.
  2. Warden may only call a freeday or a warday using the !day plugin.
  3. The first order a Warden gives must take Ts out of their cells. If no order is given before cells open, it is a freeday.
  4. Warden may only unwarden with valid reason (e.g. if they are in vents).
  5. New orders override previous orders, unless otherwise stated. Orders that are not to be overridden must be clear (e.g. “Do not jump until I give permission” or “Jump, continuously”).
  6. Warden may not use their beacon to mislead players.
  7. Warden must make it clear they are playing a certain game before playing that game.
  8. Warden may not call using microphones KOS for Ts.
  9. Warden cannot force a T to bloodhound.
  10. If the Warden (or Simon during Simon Says) gives a pardon, the pardon is guaranteed. Warden may require conditions (e.g. no contraband).
  11. On opinion based days, such as joke days, all CTs must vote on whether the T lives or dies. Ties favor living.
  12. Warden may restrict sniper weapons.

Freeday Rules
  1. Ts are only KOS for: armory/vents/secret teleports, damaging CTs.
  2. CTs are allowed to do any game on the map, as well as use teleports and secrets, so long as they are not breaking any rules regarding camping.
  3. CTs cannot kill a prisoner for coming close to you on a freeday, unless actively trying to damage you.
  4. CTs can not use buttons or triggers on the map to kill Ts.

Freeze Tag Rules
  1. CTs may pursue any secrets or vents without permission.
  2. CTs may not play games (unless it is possible that a T is in the game).
  3. Ts may not be in an area which CTs can neither get into nor recall them from.

Warday Rules
  1. Warden must explain where the Warday is and the time it expands. Wardays will always start when the prisoners are unfrozen.
  2. Warday must expand by 7:00. 8:30 is the soonest the warday may expand.
  3. Wardays cannot be in an area which is only accessible by a teleporter.
  4. CTs must be in the area of the warday (killing outside of warday area before it expands will result in a slay). CTs may only freeroam if they have no contraband.
  5. Warday cannot be in an area that gives view of cells/armory.
  6. CTs can't camp the Warday area after it expands.
  7. CTs may freely pursue vents during warday, but cannot break them.

Game-Specific Rules
  1. 1v100: There must be at least five Ts alive to play 1v100.
  2. Simon Says:
    1. To begin Simon Says, warden must give the following two orders, in any order:
      • Simon says we’re now playing Simon Says.
      • Simon says I’m Simon.

    2. To end Simon Says, warden must give the following two orders, in any order:
      • Simon says we're no longer playing Simon Says.
      • Simon says I'm no longer Simon.

  3. Warden must state the exact prize for each game played either in chat, CT chat, or on mic before or in the same sentence as when the game starts.
  4. When playing a game for a prize, changing the prize requires warden to restart the game.
  5. Each warden may only play First Reaction Last Reaction twice per round.
  6. CTs must use pistols in games that require CTs to shoot unless the map has games with predefined weapons.
  7. The following games are disallowed:
    • Fish in a barrel
    • Shoot or don't shoot
    • Sharking

Contraband: Primaries, Secondaries, HE Grenades [explosive], Incendiary/Molotov Grenades [fire], Zeus [taser].
Not contraband: Smokes, Flashes, Decoys. 
Non-warden CTs may not call contraband KoS, nor make Ts drop Smokes, Flashes, and Decoys.

Active vs. Passive Rebellion

Actively rebelling includes any attempt to damage CTs. Breaking or entering vents, running away, using secrets/secret teleporters, and entering armory are all actively rebelling. Any T who is seen actively rebelling is KOS/may be called KOS by any CT.

Passive rebellion is when a T breaks wardens current order without further rebellion. Passive rebels may be killed by any CT during the order they are passively rebelling. Warden and Warden only may call specific passive rebels KOS by name. Warden's next order pardons any passive rebels. Ex. bhopping out of stack, jumping during shift walk, looking around during afk freeze.

*Jailbreak Punishments*
Will be updated as seen fit.
The punishments should be followed to keep things fair for all players.
If people are deliberately breaking rules you may skip the 1st punishment.

Freekilling (depends on severity.):
If the free kill was an accident, warn the person and respawn those killed
1st offense: Slay offender. Respawn those killed by offender.
2nd offense: Slay & CT ban or teamswitch if you feel nice. (CT ban should reflect the behavior of offender and how many people were killed.)
3rd offense: 30 minute CTban.
4th+ offense: Double length of last punishment.

Purposely mass freekilling is always a permanent ct ban. (Mass freekilling = 4 or more.)

1st offense: Warning
2nd offense: Slay.
3rd offense: CT ban for no more than 3 hours.

Constant baiting (depends on severity.):
1st offense: Slay.
2nd offense: Teamswitch.
3rd offense: CT ban for no more than 1 day.
4th offense: CT ban for no more than 1 week.
Anything past 4th offense is perm CT ban.

Giving False Orders as CT/Warden
1st offense: Verbal warning
2nd offense: 30 minute CT ban
3rd offense: 150 CT ban
4th offense: permanent CT ban.
Anything past 4th offense is perm CT ban.

Avoiding mute/gag:
1st offense: Re-apply punishment.
2nd offense: Silenced for no more than 2 days.
3rd offense: Silenced no more than 4 days.
4th offense: Perm silence.

Constant begging for unmute/gag/unctban:
1st offense: Verbal warning
2nd offense: Silenced.
3rd offense: Silenced for no more than 2 days.

Spamming To admins:
1st offense: Warning
2nd offense: Kick
3rd offense: Ban for no more than 2 hours.

Constant begging for a teamswitch. (if spammed in "To admins" same punishment can be applied.):
1st offense: Verbal warning
2nd offense: Silenced.
3rd offense: Silenced for no more than 2 days.

Ignoring admin orders:
1st offense: Verbal Warning
2nd offense: Kick
3rd offense: Ban for no more than 2 hours. (CT ban no more than 2 hours. Depending on rule broken.)

Ghosting/changing name to talk while dead:
1st offense: Verbal warning.
2nd offense: Kick
3rd offense: Ban for no more than 2 hours.

1st offense: Verbal warning
2nd offense: Kick
3rd offense: Ban for no more than 2 hour.

If something is not listed then ban accordingly:
1st offense: Warning
2nd offense: 30 minute CT ban.
3rd offense: Double length of last punishment.
LR Ratios (round start)
1-18 Ts = 1 LR
19-31 Ts = 2 LR
32+ Ts = 3 LR

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