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Multiple suggestions
Had a couple of ideas while playing - will go into some of my thoughts I was going through when writing them down.

fix /simple gui - broken and doesn't work

revert names to regular, it's horrible trying to spot names - literally impossible to see someone's name in certain scenarios, and is really T sided which is dumb considering T's already have so many things that make them overpowered

distinguish between credits for the shop for in game items and shop for cosmetic items - pretty self explanatory, can be confusing

toggle beacons on all players 5 minutes after the round has started but only if there are less than 8 people left - stops delaying pretty much

add an option to extend the map - also self explanatory, a lot of people have been wanting this. 1 or 2 extends for 15-20 minutes should be fine.

could someone move to CSGO suggestions for TTT
It's fine in here TBH

Thanks for your suggestions.
[Image: unknown.png]
I really like your ideas (except the beacon one).

P.S.: Congrats on mod!
I like your ideas man, but the beacon. Only because I see possible rdm's and excuses of "I only saw me and your beacon, so I knew we're the only one left". Plus I don't know if this can effect the t's as well when they already have a problem getting timed out of the server.
I as well like all of the ideas except the beacon thing. Same reasons HITMAN listed pretty much. :*
yea that beacon thing would be so annoying. but otherwise great ideas

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