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Yknid for Owner
As a former admin I believe that Yknid is a valuable asset to the server. His presence is always a blessing and hes overall a great guy! Its great seeing 1.6 members moving over to CS:GO. Overall I think yknid should be promoted to owner and this Dinky guy should step down. 

+1 this to get the attention of dinky and hopefully realise that this is the correct move to make

*this post was sponsored by Yknid*  Heart
  Heart RoverT Heart
-1 Yknid is not fit for owner
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQNZ9uG2OtWsIHbkjNrU97..._EulUH3c&s]
Thanks President Clinton!
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+1 yikniD is one of the greatest men I know.

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