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Forums Suggestions
Big Grin 
So I think your Forums could be organized a little bit better. For starters, I don't think you need your servers list on every tab, either that or remove the servers tab, no need to have a tab designated to your server if they're at the top of every screen. Secondly, don't give access to every thread from home screen, again, no reason to have a tab for them if you can find them all in another, just have something like the 5 most recent. Another thing I think you could do, is sort out your members list, seems to me everyone's name is just kinda thrown in there, have more tabs under members to find different levels of ranking, going from highest to lowest, makes it easier on your newer members trying to figure out who's who. Set up some kind of tracker for commblocks and bans, helps out a ton, trust me, makes it so you can determine punishment deserved, due to being able to see past comm blocks/bans, also helps keep track of your stuff. Just my two cents coming from another community.

Goodluck with growing yours [Image: biggrin.png]
Thank you for the suggestions. We already have a tracker for combanns and bans, it's called sourcebanns++
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