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Karma-Gaming - FORUM RULES
Darth Elmo
10:35am Nov-09-2020
General Rules:
- Do not advertise other servers, communities, websites, etc.
- Don't be toxic.
- Don't be racist or homophobic.
- Toxic words like ni--er, coon, etc. are NOT allowed.
- Don't threaten/take actions to DOXX, DDOS, do real harm; anyone, the community or the server.
- Don't minge. - Purposefully acting like an idiot, purposefully ruining the experience for others.

Forum Posts:
- Do not spam.
- Do not post NSFW pictures/videos. If you're not sure if you should post something, don't.
- Don't post pictures/videos of violent content. - Death, blood, gore, wounds, etc.
- Don't be racist or homophobic.
- Don't start/engage in political discussions.
- Don't complain about the server, if you have an issue, contact a staff member.
- Don't have disputes, please continue in a private chat.
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