TTT Rules

  1. Minge - Purposely acting like an idiot, purposely ruining the experience for others
  2. Ghost - Give out any information about the game to alive players while you are dead
  3. Excessively argue with staff about punishments or decisions.
  4. Mic spam, Chat spam, or abuse admin chat
  5. RDM, Revenge RDM or kill rule breakers (Let staff handle trouble makers.)
  6. KOS off of association, location, sound, weapon, or cosmetics, or a detective
  7. Use the phrase “No KOS.” It leads to false KOS.
  8. Abuse props to kill, block, or surf
  9. Perform the “exo jump” glitch. (IYKYK, don't ask)
  10. Access areas of a map that are not accessible through normal means
  11. Spam or prevent the use of a door
  12. Shoot explosive props in DM. It damages alive players.
  13. Camp teleporting spots. (>10 seconds).
  14. Delay the game
  15. Change your name mid round. (You may change upon staff direction, in warm up, or after death)
  16. Use an unidentifiable name (Staff hold the right to change your name if necessary)
  17. Throw unidentified bodies (tombstones) away from the playable area.
  18. Knife fight, fist fight, or play shot for shot.
  19. Spam sound toggles in maps
  20. Repetitively commit traitorous acts whilst not being a Traitor.
  21. “Meta gaming” i.e. knowing your friend is a Traitor and deciding to let him live for a while.
  22. Hard Claim
  1. A Detective is automatically proven therefore incapable of committing anything listed under *Traitorous acts* so they cannot be KOS’d.
  2. Crossfire and self-defense is not RDM.
  3. In order to give warnings to players, you must have line of sight of that player:
    1. SEE INNOCENT rule 5, DETECTIVE rule 4
  4. To call a KOS it must be said as “KOS [player]”
  5. You can only be proven by a Detective scanning you.
  6. You may KOS based on LEADERBOARD [Tab] logic if by process of elimination only the non proven-non detectives are traitors
  1. Innocents must actively fulfil their role of teaming up against the traitors.
  2. May not call a KOS without the person commiting a Traitorous act.
  3. May not Traitor bait: Committing traitorous acts as an innocent to make it look like you’re a Traitor
  4. May camp, but must be actively playing and not to the point of delay.
  5. May give TWO warnings to a non Detective to scan an unID’d body. Format for warnings:
    1. “[player] scan the body warning 1 (3 second pause) [player] scan the body warning 2 (3 second pause) KOS [player]”
    2. Warnings do NOT RESET after line of sight is broken.
  6. May KOS any Non Detective walking past THREE [3] unidentified bodies without scanning them.
  7. NEVER attempt to disarm, disable, block, hurt, or kill any other player unless in self defence, or they have commited a Traitorous act.
  1. The Detective must have a working microphone and use it to actively fulfil the role of detective in seeking out the traitors.
    1. If you do not have a working mic, type [!drules] and press [1] to not be a Detective.
  2. Have the same rules as Innocents
  3. Are the only players who can remove KOS by proving they are Innocent.
  4. After 2 warnings, may put a KOS on somebody for refusing to obey. Format for warnings:
    1. “[player] freeze warning 1 - (3 second pause) - [player] freeze warning 2 - (3 second pause) - KOS [player] / [player] KOS”
    2. Warnings do NOT RESET after line of sight is broken.
  5. A detective can not call warnings unless the scanners are loaded and enabled.
  6. You must directly see a person in order to warn them to freeze and be scanned. Warnings don’t reset after line of sight is broken.
  7. A KOS can be called using the DNA scanner when:
    1. A Detective scans 2 Innocent bodies who have the same killer.
    2. A Detective scans 1 Detective body.
    3. A Detective scans 1 Innocent who has been killed by a Knife or Traitor Weapon.
    4. A detective scans 1 Innocent body and the Innocent died less than 5 seconds ago.
  8. May not use map found tasers or buy the Detective role and use the scanner before they are enabled.
  1. Traitors must actively fulfil their role and eliminate all innocents and detectives.
  2. May not call KOS, on fellow Traitors (even in T chat), alive players.
  3. May not grief fellow traitors.
  4. May not camp any area more than 45 seconds.
  5. May not open T-room for Innocents or Detectives.
TRAITOROUS ACTS (KOSable actions / T baiting)
  1. Shooting, TOWARDS, STRAIGHT UP, and STRAIGHT DOWN around other players (Traitor baiting), unless in self defense.
  2. Throwing frag or fire grenades AROUND or TOWARDS other players, unless in self defense.
  3. Calling a KOS on a proven innocent.
  4. Planting C4 or detonating a jihad vest
  5. Actively tailing someone with explosive items (i.e. explosive barrels)
  6. Abusing a prop or map item to block, harm, or kill.
  7. Being inside or entering T-rooms/ areas
    1. Opening a T-Room or activating a T-Trap is NOT grounds for KOS
    2. Being seen holding a T weapon (Except Banana Bombs) is NOT grounds for KOS
    3. Teleporting from T room to known tele locations is grounds for KOS
  8. Moving unidentified bodies (tombstones)
  9. Wearing T heavy armor, or being a monster.
This list does not define all of the ways staff will enforce the rules. These are only general guidelines for what you can expect to happen to rule breakers… Remember: