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3:48pm Aug-25-2020
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At: 4:44pm Aug-25-2020
ok so I've had problems with people doing this and I just want a proper answer. What is considered a hard claim? I've heard people say that saying I'm a terrorist is the hard to claim and other not so can I just get some clarification so I can tell actually be sure what is and what isn't? Also it says in the rules that calling kos on a proven inno is kosable. If the person that was kos by a t cause they're dead, if there body is found and id can you kos the person who kos the dead person?
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12:39am Aug-27-2020
ew ttt

12:03am Aug-30-2020
This was clarified in new rules, thanks for the feedback. - Under KOSable Actions / T Baiting - Rule__Hard claiming: Stating you are a T or a Terrorist.
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