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Hightower !sb
lil bored eh
9:05am Oct-15-2020
!sb would stand for !show body which would allow the players and option to view there cosmetics. If I buy new wings it would be annoying to not actually know if I like them or what I look like wearing them. Yeet
Wookie gives good upidies
Imagine Running a Daycare XD
12:26pm Oct-15-2020
so do you mean third person?

lil bored eh
4:51pm Oct-18-2020
Wookie gives good upidies
1:53am Oct-19-2020
Good suggestion.
Kinda gay, you. Not me
5:02pm Oct-22-2020
Thirdperson is disabled because obviously having something like that on TTT would give you a significant advantage over other players. Maybe something like a character editor viewport would work.
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