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they call me cronchy
i drink gorilla glue
3:13pm Mar-30-2020
So, I'm cronchy. Not much to say about me other than I am the Head Admin of the AWP Bhop server. No matter who you are, you should join it.

AWP Bhop Server IP:

type: "connect" (without the quotations) to connect to the server via console.
Certified Cripple ♿︎
12:03am Apr-01-2020
Agreed ❤️
i drink gorilla glue
12:29am Apr-13-2020
:'( I'll miss it here while I'm gone :)
i'm ngen
7:19pm Apr-14-2020
hi cronchy
8:09pm Jul-02-2020
hey cronchy im crunchy
,-*' ^ '~*-.,_,.-*~ Crunchy ~*-.,_,.-*~' ^ '*-,
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