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Player/Players of the Month
1:29am Oct-25-2020
I feel like we should add a role for Player/Players of the month. I feel like it should be given to people that go above and beyond to give back to the community, such as Paula who had bought several people VIP. Selfless acts such as that should be recognized in my opinion and possibly rewarded with VIP
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2:46pm Oct-28-2020
well we give vip to leaders of leaderboards so you can be active on those servers and get vip. I dont see how that would work on ttt

6:29pm Oct-28-2020
In other communities I have seen people do a "member of the month" thing where they would get a forum award or something for it. Usually those people have been seen making good contributions to the server/forums/discord to help brighten up the place. I don't know how karma works with their forums, but if there is already an award system for people on the servers, I don't get the need for this unless people want to be recognized.
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7:49am Nov-05-2020
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At: 7:50am Nov-05-2020
People acting selflessly don't want anything in return anyway... Which is the definition of selflesness. If we were to give incentives for people to be "selfless" then they aren't really being selfless because they are doing it for a reward. Defeats the object of being selfless and undermines the people who are actually being selfless. I believe just acknowledging the fact they have done a selfless act I.E saying thank you goes a lot further than giving them a reward.
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