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Karma-Gaming - FORUM RULES
Darth Elmo
10:35am Nov-09-2020
Last Edit By: Darth Elmo
At: 6:25pm Oct-26-2023
General Rules:
- No advertising discords, other servers, communities, websites etc.
- No toxicity
- No discriminatory slurs
- No political discussion
- No threats or actions to doxx, DDoS, do real harm to anyone, the community or the server
- No minging (purposely acting like an idiot, ruining the experience for others, abusing loopholes)
- No disputes, continue in private
- No evading punishments

Forum Posts:
- No spam
- No NSFW content
- No violent content (death, blood, gore, wounds, etc.)
- No whining about the servers, make a ticket to resolve your issue
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