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Darth Elmo
10:39am Nov-09-2020
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At: 2:57pm Dec-02-2020

Visit the forums to create an unban/unmute request, apply for staff, report a staff member, or make suggestions and discuss the servers with the community.

Please join our Discord to check the #faq, report rule-breaking players on the servers, donate for VIP, check announcements and updates, give suggestions, join games and meet, chat, and play with the whole community.

Check Karma's SourceBans if you need to find your ban/mute for a request, or check your (or anyone's) punishment record.

Read the forum rules to make sure your account remains in good standing and everyone has a good time.

Also check the TTT rules if you play the Trouble in Terrorist Town server, this server has specific RP attributes and rules that must be followed.

All the server IPs can be found on the homepage or in the adjacent forum Announcement.
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