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Darth Elmo
10:39am Nov-09-2020
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At: 3:48am Apr-14-2024
Karma-Gaming was founded in 2017 by noobguy hosting SCP: Secret Laboratory servers.

In 2018, Karma entered the CS:GO space hosting a Combat Surf server with Dinky as another owner.

Over the next year, the team grew to include developers Wooki3, BootySC, and backwards.

The community's owners and developers have roots in past CS:S and CS:GO communities including:
- NotD, owned by Wooki3, with history as old as 2005 in CS:S and revived in 2014 for CS:GO, featuring primarily Zombie servers
- EndlessVoidGaming [EvG], developed by backwards and operated around 2015 in CS:S and CS:GO, featuring Combat Surf, Surftimer, Bhoptimer, 1v1, and Minigames servers
- NightFall [NF] fka LSS, owned by myself, managed by Dinky and founded in 2016 in CS:GO, featuring Combat Surf, Surftimer, 1v1, and Minigames servers

From 2018 through 2020, fueled by the combined experience of the leadership team, Karma grew quickly to include 2000+ Discord members and 8 CS:GO servers.

Karma hosted annual tournaments for Combat Surf and AWP Bhop for three straight years from 2020-2022, with prize pools reaching as high as $700+.

In 2022, Dinky retired as CS:GO owner. I filled in the role, overseeing CS:GO operations with noobguy as well as leading Karma server launches in 2 more games. First was Titanfall 2 (Northstar), with 9k Air Acceleration servers. Karma's Northstar servers introduced map voting, anti camp, and a ranking system by Takyon for the first time. Apex Legends (R5Reloaded) soon followed with competitive 1v1 warmup servers frequented by esports professionals. Karma's R5R servers introduced map rotation, better loadouts, and an input & skill-based matchmaking and stat tracking system by mkos for the first time.

Karma's VACuum Anti-Cheat, a custom in-house solution by backwards, banned 30,000 cheaters throughout CS:GO. It detected even the most notorious private solutions such as skeet/gamesense with high accuracy, VACuuming up all the cheaters.

Additional features such as Redie DM practice mode with movement bots, hit registry fixes, high-tickrate downloadable replay demos, consistent custom map updates, and more set the bar for CS:GO community servers.

In 2023, Nimmy joined as a developer, and Karma reached 3000+ Discord members with CS2 on the horizon. When CS2 community workshop support finally released on November 2, Karma became the first community worldwide to host surf and bhop servers on CS2 with workshop maps.

In 2024, Karma launched servers in another game, Fragsurf, offering more places for Combat Surf and AWP Bhop players to play, and the community reached 4000+ Discord members.

We thank and appreciate everyone who helped Karma get to where it is today, and look forward to the future of our community. If you are a looking for a classic community where you can have a good time, get involved, and see your own contributions have an impact, you have found the right place.

Join our Discord for more information.
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