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Map:Players:0 of 0
Karma |1v1| Multi Arena 128T #2 | Anti-Cheat [!WS/!KNIFE]
Map:Players:0 of 33
Karma |1v1| Multi Arena 128T | Anti-Cheat [!WS/!KNIFE]
Map:am_aztec_v6Players:24 of 33
Karma |AWP| NoSpread+AutoBhop 128T | HitReg Fix [!WS/!KNIFE]
Map:awp_dust_imb_goPlayers:2 of 25
Karma |BHOP| Custom Timer | Styles | Anti-Cheat [!WS/!KNIFE]
Map:bhop_thcPlayers:2 of 25
Karma |FFA Combat Surf| 24/7 Greatriver | HitReg [!WS/!KNIFE]
Map:surf_greatriver_xdre4m_so_v6bPlayers:6 of 25
Karma |FFA Combat Surf| NoSpread+NoFall | HitReg [!WS/!KNIFE]
Map:surf_4fun_kgPlayers:3 of 25
Karma |FFA Knife Bhop| KnifeRegFix | Store | 128T [!WS/!KNIFE]
Map:Server OfflinePlayers:0 of 0
Karma |Spaced Out Server| Clan Wars | HitReg Fix | Anti-Cheat
Map:surf_greatriver_xdre4m_so_v6bPlayers:1 of 21
Karma |TTT| Trouble in Terrorist Town [!WS/!KNIFE]
Map:ttt_apehouse_remake_remakePlayers:2 of 33
Karma |West FFA Combat Surf [HITREG FIX/!WS/!KNIFE]
Map:surf_bigloop_2_ffaPlayers:1 of 25
Karma |West FFA Deagle Headshots 128T [!WS/!KNIFE/!AGENTS]
Map:aim_deagle_artur_Players:1 of 20
Karma |West Retake Mirage 128T [!WS/!KNIFE/!AGENTS]
Map:de_miragePlayers:0 of 9
Karma |West Retake Multi-Map 128T [!WS/!KNIFE/!AGENTS]
Map:de_cachePlayers:0 of 9
Karma |West |1v1| Multi Arena 128T [!WS/!knife/Hitreg Fix]
Map:am_must2014Players:1 of 30